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Dressing room or closet. What to choose?

Until recently, it was believed that only owners of spacious and expensive housing could afford to install a dressing room at home. The dressing room was perceived as a luxury that could be seen in foreign films and TV series. Years passed, and buyers still preferred cabinet wardrobes.

Today, however, the situation has begun to change. Modern materials and furniture manufacturing technologies allow you to buy a full-fledged dressing room for a very reasonable price. At the same time, the variety of sizes, shapes and designs of dressing rooms is so great that it can be installed even in the most modest room.

Advantages of the dressing room:
Big choice. Most wardrobes are made to order. This means that the furniture is ideally integrated into rooms of any footage and layout features. A large selection of design options allows you to make furniture in accordance with the design and style of a particular interior. In addition to various colors and textures, mirrors, rattan, bamboo, photo printing, as well as sandblasted glass are used as decor for modern dressing rooms.
Spaciousness. Dressing rooms are much more spacious than wardrobes. In addition, it is much easier to install additional accessories in them, for example, pantograph, baskets, shoe racks, trousers, chest of drawers, drawers, etc. Some models of headsets have special holders for an ironing board and iron, as well as lamps, a separate place for a washing machine and TV.
Convenience of accommodation. The most common wardrobe designs are: angular, parallel, U and L-shaped. Thanks to the many installation options, there is always the opportunity to save free space in the house, arrange the furniture in the best way.
However, this is not all the advantages of wardrobes. Lots of shelves and open shelving allow you to conveniently mark your clothes so that they are always available. You no longer have to waste time looking for your favorite jumper or jeans, they will always lie on a separate shelf in front of you.

Walk-in closet

In modern clothing storage systems, you can change the internal content, transform it even after installing all the elements. For example, for furniture in a nursery, shelves should be installed at a height accessible to the child. When the child grows up, it will be possible to rearrange them to the usual position to install a pantograph, and use the lower part to store shoes, bags and suitcases. A large selection of wardrobes is presented at the link .

Despite the advantages that wardrobes have, wardrobes also have their advantages. For example, cabinet-type furniture can be easily rearranged from place to place if you suddenly decide to make repairs or redevelopment in the room. This will not be possible if you install a built-in dressing room.


A closet is a good option for a small family. In addition, the compartment is perfect for rooms of non-standard layout, attic, balcony and loggia. They can be installed under the stairs, in the corner of a room or corridor.

Whatever decision you make, remember that the best furniture is custom-made furniture.

The factory “KupeMaster” is engaged in the individual production of dressing rooms. Extensive experience in the design and manufacture of furniture, the use of modern materials and imported equipment help us create wardrobes of excellent quality and at an affordable price. See photos of finished furniture in the interior on our website.

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