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Hallways in the interior

Limited space confuses and teaches to make a choice. It will not be possible to place outerwear for all occasions in a room that can be crossed by taking 2-3 steps. Give up this thought. Store wardrobe items that are irrelevant for this season in another room. Leave only what you really need in the hallway.

The issue with shoes is solved in the same way: choose 2-3 pairs, remove the rest. If you do not do this, it will give the impression that Korobochka lives in the apartment.

Headwear is a little easier. They are never in the lower half of the room, and there is rarely anything stored in the upper part of the wall. Therefore, this space is not overloaded. However, do not go too far and hang too many hanging shelves. Especially open plan. If 1 shelf is not enough, take a closer look at the closed hanging cabinets.


Say “no”

sharp corners;
dark shades on the walls;
massive chandeliers;
catchy outrageous or overly luxurious decor elements;
paper wallpaper without a protective layer;
numerous containers and boxes in a conspicuous place.
Say “yes”

cabinet furniture with a mirror surface;
one-piece structures (hallways that combine the features of galoshes, dressing tables, shelves, cabinets, hangers are suitable for you);
streamlined shapes;
bright lighting;
light-colored walls.
hallway with a mirrored surface
Corner hallways
This layout can be beaten in only 1 way: choose a solid design of the corner plan. Let it be multifunctional: have drawers, open and closed shelves, hooks.


massive handles;
non-standard ways to open drawers (let’s say fastening the doors from above, but in no case buy sliding options);
darkening the corner (make sure that the corner hallways in the corridor are better lit than the rest of the room).
corner hallways
Narrow but long corridors
The problem is solved with the right finish. Short walls are painted in dark colors, and long walls are painted in light colors. With this approach to business, a person, being in the middle of the corridor, will not feel the psychological pressure of the walls.

Determining the depth of the cabinets is quite simple: divide the width of the room into 5 equal parts. One part is equal to the maximum allowable depth of the hallway, together with the protruding elements. For example, pens.

Choosing a hallway is easy if you know who to turn to for advice. Buy furniture from reliable manufacturers who are ready to provide detailed information and help in determining the model.

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