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Modern small kitchen design

Modern trends in the design of small kitchens involve the use of all techniques that allow you to maximize the actual usable area of ​​the room and create the visual effects of such an increase.

In order to optimally fulfill these conditions, you should turn to professionals who, taking into account all the trends , can combine the following techniques in one small kitchen project:

a complete set of transforming kitchen furniture (carousel / lift cabinets, folding kitchen tables, folding chairs, matryoshka tables, work surfaces-sliders);
dish storage systems

dish storage systems

a storage system for dishes, products, household chemicals and auxiliary items in special organizers that increase the possibilities for maximum use of the height / depth of wall and floor cabinets;
dish storage systems

arrangement of kitchen sinks with special systems with turntables, sieves, containers, making this area an additional territory for comfortable cooking;
sink for kitchen

design and installation of up-to-date economical lighting with zonal orientation of light fluxes, providing visual effects of increasing the space of a small kitchen;

the use of mirror materials, light shades for all surfaces, graphic techniques of alternating large and small geometric shapes (stripes, squares), creating certain illusions of perception in a small area;
mirrors in the kitchen

decoration of window areas with automatic Roman blinds / blinds made of fabric, non-woven polymer strips, bamboo and other trendy materials.
curtains in the kitchen

Only professional interior designers, together with engineers from the relevant fields, will be able to develop projects that will fully meet the wishes of the owners of small kitchens, based on the financing possibilities of each object to optimize space.

A variety of modern styles will satisfy the imagination of every small kitchen owner – and those who prefer minimalism with discreet colors; and those who love luxury with marble, Murano glass and gilding; and those who are attracted by the explosion of 3D effects with aquarium techniques for walls and floors, special “aprons” made of polymer glass on the working side of the kitchen walls.

mirrors in the kitchen

The trends of 2016 are a calm attitude towards well-equipped kitchens of a small area. An increasing number of people strive to ensure that their housing, including kitchens, is not too large, but provides maximum comfort with its ergonomics and versatility of a large number of individual elements, and professionals provide them with this.

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