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4 good reasons to buy Italian furniture

The annual exhibition iSaloni2016, held this spring in Milan, once again proved that Italy is the undisputed leader and trendsetter in interior design. What was presented to the audience did not fit any established rules and canons – a riot of styles and colors, an unusual combination of seemingly incompatible textures and materials.

Isn’t that why, when we say furniture, we always want to add – Italian? What is the secret of its enduring popularity – we will tell further.

Italian furniture design
Italy, with its centuries-old tradition of furniture making, still sets the tone in the world of furniture design today. A design that translates both classical styles, be it empire, baroque, classicism, relatively young modern, and also offers completely new solutions that are born at the junction of classic and modern, and are referred to as such a broad concept as eclecticism. Based on the exhibits presented this spring in Milan, it can be said that the absence of any framework in design is the latest trend.

An unusual interweaving of styles, trends, materials and textures: Ethiopia and Scandinavia, gold and copper, wood and fur, stone and leather – in a word, a fusion of different eras and cultures. Of course, the most important thing remains in this – a sense of proportion and a competent placement of the right accents.

a diverse range of Italian furniture

Diverse model range
From the first-class design, another big plus that characterizes Italian furniture quite logically follows – this is the variety of choices. The catalogs of the Camelgroup factory are a direct confirmation of this. They present a rich assortment of bedrooms, living rooms and hallways, embodied in a variety of styles and colors. It remains only to choose and buy!

Italian quality furniture

Quality furniture from Italy
Italian brands would probably not be completely Italian if they limited their work to design only. The quality of manufactured furniture is the factor that guides those who consider themselves connoisseurs of a real Italian product. The secret of the quality and durability of Italian furniture is most likely due to the fact that not only modern technologies are used in the production, but also the ancient traditions of Italian cabinetmakers.


The flight of design ideas, coupled with the most incredible textures and colors, rages exactly until the turn of design and drawings comes. Because neither the color, nor the design, nor the materials from which the furniture is made are the main ones in this process. The main thing here is the person, in fact, for whom all these furniture pieces are created. And a person should, first of all, be comfortable living surrounded by the furniture that he has chosen, no matter how beautiful it is. The Italians know about this, and therefore they make their furniture, strictly following the rules that fit into such a concept as ergonomics.

In the realm of leather furniture
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