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How to choose white furniture in the living room?

The benefits of white
Despite the fact that the white color is criticized, accusing it of being impractical, soiled, and even drawing analogies with the design of hospital wards, it continues to be one of the favorites in the choice of living rooms. White furniture invariably attracts attention in the showrooms of furniture stores.

What are the benefits of white in interior design?
Favorable effect on the mood, emotional background of the residents.

Visual expansion of space. In combination with the right lighting, white makes the room more spacious, “lighter”.

It goes well with warm and cold tones.

This color is perfect for interior decoration in any style from baroque to hi-tech or loft.

The surface of white furniture perfectly reflects light, which must be taken into account when positioning cabinets and chests of drawers relative to windows, so that the room is always light.

For white furniture, it is easy to choose a suitable background from the decoration of walls, ceiling and floor.

Relevance. White, ivory, milky – shades that never go out of style.

White furniture will not become boring and boring. You can always pick up bright decor details to diversify the interior, change the “mood” of the room.

Purity. In fact, dust and stains on light-colored furniture are less noticeable than on dark ones.

Illusion of volume. With a white wall, chest of drawers, shelves and racks, the interior seems more voluminous and brighter.

What furniture can be purchased in this color?
A white living room is a concept that combines different pieces of furniture, such as a sofa, chest of drawers, wardrobe or wall, coffee table, armchairs and poufs. To create your own white living room, it is not necessary to buy all these items in white. It is enough to purchase such accent details as a sofa and a modular group, and a chest of drawers, a coffee table and other small details can be bought in other colors or not purchased at all if the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room does not allow it.

Consider each of the basic items in more detail.

Buying a light sofa is scary for many. This is due to the fact that upholstered furniture can get dirty and requires complex care. In fact, everything is not as it seems. A white sofa incredibly brightens the room, brings cleanliness to it. Are you afraid of difficult care? There is an exit! Buy some light cases and the problem will be solved.

Wall or modular group
It is advisable not to place cabinets and shelving in one row along the wall. Arrange furniture in corners or along two walls. This significantly “brightens” the room, even if there is nothing else white in it. Shelves and cabinets are easy to care for – dust as needed.

Complete cabinets and shelves with lighting. This will transform the room and serve as an additional source of light.

How to choose furniture for your living room?
A few tips from designers:

Imagine how white will look in your room. To do this, there are 3D visualization programs that will help you choose color combinations and arrange furniture.

Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of white in your living room, taking into account its size, layout, natural light.

Decide on the size of the furniture and the number of items you intend to buy.

Consider the purpose of the room: for relaxation and receiving guests, as a study, combined with a dining room.

There is nothing complicated in the selection of white furniture. The main thing is to comprehensively assess the future interior, highlight its strengths and “work out” the weaknesses as much as possible.

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