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How to use fashionable pistachio color in the design of the bedroom

Delicate and soft shades of pistachio give a soothing feeling, especially in pastel variations, that is, diluted with white. The color is associated with summer freshness, which means with pleasant events and joyful mood.

Let’s take a look at the possibilities that stylish pistachio-colored furniture in a complex noble shade – pastel with the addition of cold gray – gives for decorating bedrooms. The design collection Olivia made of solid wood, made in this color, will help us.
Pistachio is organic in the interiors of almost all styles. In this case, the specific concept will be supported not so much by furniture as by the decoration of the room. So, log beams and plank floors hint at the country style. Parquet, smooth surfaces of the ceiling and walls are closer to classic solutions and shabby chic. If desired, you can use pistachio-colored furniture even in the loft and hi-tech.

pistachio color in the bedroom interior pistachio color in the bedroom interior

Color for any furniture
Shades of pistachio are appropriate in the design of objects of any functionality: beds, wardrobes, dressing tables, chests of drawers, cabinets, consoles and other furniture.

pistachio furniture

The product can be painted:

one tone;
2-3 shades;
2-3 contrasting or harmonious colors.
Often options for decorating facades with plot pictures, floral and geometric prints.

children’s room in pistachio colorpistachio color in the interior of the bedroompistachio children’s room

Compatibility with other colors
compatibility of pistachio color with others

The shade chosen by us gives a harmonious interior palette with white and gray, since these tones are already present in it. The second way to win-win combinations is to use pastel pistachio with natural woody (brown and beige) tones, because it also belongs to the natural range. The third is combinations with other colors in pastel versions.

The most spectacular interior compositions are obtained by combining a pistachio-colored headset and individual items of a juicy and even neon spectrum: bright yellow, pink, turquoise, orange, purple, etc. Puffs, carpets, decorative pillows and other textiles can be decorated in such colors , flowerpots, vases, candles, bouquets and other accessories.

It remains to be mentioned that the Olivia headsets shown in the illustrations, individual items from them and suitable accessories are offered by the Etazherka online store of designer furniture.

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