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New trend – round beds in the interior

Round beds turn the bedroom into an inviting boudoir or a comfortable pillow fight field. On this topic, you can fantasize endlessly! And the direction of creative fantasies is determined by the owner of an unusual bed.

As a rule, a round bed becomes the main accent, under which the rest of the bedroom interior is adjusted. And the framing of such a pearl should be no less spectacular!

As an option – an almost empty room with a minimum of furnishings in the same style, since a round bed requires space for its forms to play in full force.

round bed

But such an extravagant solution is not acceptable to everyone. Like every design idea, round beds have their advantages and disadvantages, which will be discussed later.

Pros of round beds
The main advantages of a round-shaped bed include its undeniable originality. You can be sure that the round bed in your bedroom will amaze guests with its unusualness.

If we talk about comfort, then such a bed, in fact, turns out to be much more spacious than the traditional rectangular one – you can sit on it at any angle and in any position. That is, it creates a higher level of comfort.

round bed

Regarding the issue of safety – a round bed has no equal among other analogues. There are absolutely no sharp corners, which reduces the risk of injury, especially if the bed is located in the center of the room. In addition, it is more difficult to fall from such a bed, which does not have even edges.

Cons of round beds
The first and main disadvantage of round beds is the need for a large space. Such furniture is absolutely not suitable for small bedrooms. Even if the bed is somehow placed in the room, it will only visually clutter it up.

The difficulty with the selection of bed linen can be called a relative minus. In the modern home textile market, the assortment is so wide and diverse that it is not difficult to find bedspreads, sheets, duvet covers and blankets that are suitable in shape and size.

round bed textiles

The same can be said about mattresses – one of the main accessories for sleeping, which is an important part of the bed. Round orthopedic mattresses are not in short supply today, although their range is inferior to standard-shaped mattresses. In their design and content, they are similar to their rectangular counterparts. In the lineup of leading manufacturers, there are certainly several models of round mattresses with high orthopedic performance.

Since round beds still belong to the elite category, the quality of the mattresses made for them, respectively, is also very high. Materials are mainly used natural or high-tech, able to adapt to the shape of the body as much as possible, which creates ideally comfortable conditions for a healthy sleep.

Psychologists attribute such an aspect as unusualness to the minuses of round beds. Those who first start using them note that it takes time to get used to such forms of bed.

round bed

Varieties of round beds
There are a lot of varieties of round beds. Various upholstery materials, various color schemes, design features allow you to choose from the model range the most suitable option for creating a unique interior in accordance with individual preferences and fantasies. There are models of round beds with drawers for linen and with lifting mechanisms, overall and solid, as well as more compact.

Designers advise caution when choosing a round bed for country-style or classic-style bedrooms (it may look out of place in such interiors). Round beds fit perfectly into the design of modern rooms in the style of techno, loft, hi-tech, minimalism, fusion.

So that a large round bed does not look bulky, you can use the “weightlessness effect”. That is, you can arrange a hanging bed or simulate its “floating” in the air (if it stands on one leg, and from below it will be decorated with LED backlighting).

Do not put large pillows on a round bed. They look goofy. A blanket should always be tucked under the mattress.

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