Sofas for the living room: how to choose the right model for a suitable design
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Kitchen Fashion Rules

Our task is to identify the current trends in kitchen fashion.
Great news for housewives who felt like outcasts in the kitchen. Today, the union of kitchen and living room is officially recognized as an undeniable trend in kitchen fashion.

Manufacturers began to actively promote models that combine the functionality of two rooms at once, for example, a kitchen and a living room – and now it is very easy to combine these two spaces into a single whole.

In this case, most often the key role is played by the island or peninsula, which is the link. On the one hand, a working area can be equipped, for example, a sink or a table, and on the other, storage systems, or a TV area, etc.

Another trend in kitchen fashion, which allows for the most harmonious design of the combined space of the kitchen and living room, can be seen in the fact that kitchen manufacturers have begun to offer lines of cabinet furniture for the living room, made in the same style.

The “chief” in the kitchen surrenders his rights. Now the refrigerator may not stand at the forefront, but be located where it is convenient for you. For example, “disperse” in several compartments at once.

On the shelves
Echoing the slogan of one television show, the task of a modern kitchen set is to show everything that is hidden. Kitchen fashion designers offer us to abandon cabinets with doors, giving way to open shelves. This option allows you to visually expand the space of the room and show its character. True, there is an opinion that such a storage system may not take root in the kitchens of our compatriots, who are used to hiding everything that is needed and not needed behind closed doors. But perhaps the time has come to get rid of beautiful, but completely unnecessary bottles, and add lightness to the kitchen?

Concrete the kitchen
However, if you are not ready to show the world, or rather everyone entering the kitchen, your time-tested pots, hide them behind a stone wall! Or rather, concrete! It was this material that settled on the facades of the kitchens of the future. A thin layer of fine-grained concrete is manually applied with a trowel onto a painted MDF base, creating a unique surface with a fine putty structure. By the way, concrete creates not only an authentic mood of the kitchen, but also a great one – for the hostess. Judge for yourself, durable, resistant to moisture, high temperatures, dirt and scratches – an ideal kitchen material.

Having decided to combine the space of the kitchen and living room, the first thing you should take care of is a powerful hood.

In the hall of columns
A modern kitchen rarely today does without a column cabinet, or in other words – a pencil case. Moreover, such a piece of kitchen fashion is in demand both in classic and modern kitchens. It allows you to more ergonomically arrange the space. Use the entire area with maximum benefit, even narrow niches formed, for example, between a wall and a supporting column. The wardrobe-column occupies a minimum of space, but has a sufficiently large potential for storing various products and utensils.

A Moment of Guidance
One of the German manufacturers of kitchen furniture presented an interesting technology – wall cabinets, which immediately became at the peak of kitchen fashion. Externally, such systems look like a monolithic seamless wall, without any fittings. All of it is hidden from view, a sliding system, a lifting mechanism, and even electric blinds work to open the cabinets. Such a laconic and neat storage system is equally appropriate for the interior of the working area of ​​the kitchen and for the living room.


up to the ceiling
What is usually stored at the very top of kitchen cabinets? Dust or exiled unnecessary kitchen utensils. But the kitchen fashion for the ergonomics of space wins back inches from the cabinet to the ceiling, offering tall, elongated wall-to-wall cabinets. By the way, this solution is not only functional, but also visually justified. Headset under the ceiling visually adds height to the room. However, the rules of haute cuisine call for abandoning excessive decor in favor of simple facades without panels, moldings and large door fittings. Many furniture manufacturers equip the upper cabinets with “push shelves” that open by pressing. Sleight of hand and no cheating.

Work Front
Ceramic countertops, which have already managed to fall in love with us, have further strengthened their positions. Low level of water absorption, high resistance to temperatures, ultraviolet, mechanical influences and at the same time a stylish appearance! We can safely predict that ceramic countertops will linger in our kitchens for a long time.

Among the current trends in kitchen fashion, one can single out quartz countertops, which look similar to granite. Durability, microbial resistance and ease of maintenance make quartz a convenient and sustainable solution for countertops.

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