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Wooden chairs as you didn’t know them yet

Secrets of the “four-legged friend”
Just imagine what a variety of chairs are on the market today! Don’t believe? Take a look at the site  and see. And where did he even come from, a chair?

About the fact that a wooden chair came to us from antiquity, it is not said for a red word. During excavations in Egypt, ancient burials were found, among which were pieces of furniture that are very reminiscent of modern chairs.

There were chairs with long legs, turning into backs, and among the ancient Greeks. And the Romans made wicker chairs.

ancient egyptian chairs

Centuries later, exquisite Renaissance chairs looked like works of art. The furniture was covered with expensive leather, fabric, decorated with intricate inlays and carvings. It was in Italy that the folding chair was born. French chairs from the heyday of the Baroque looked even more luxurious. Pompous furniture was sheathed with velvet, fringe, complemented by beautiful tassels, festoons, bows.

french baroque chair

Wooden chair and its competitors
Modern chairs may not be as spectacular. Today, the focus is more on functionality. The classic wooden chair, of course, is trying to push intricate design counterparts. But neither a chair woven from leather strips, nor a round “one-legged” chair covered with crocodile skin, nor a forged handsome man with bent legs took root among the people. They even came up with chairs that transform into stairs or countertops. But a classic remains a classic! A wooden chair will feel equally comfortable in almost any interior.

wooden chair

A bar stool can be mentioned in a separate line. This is a high chair with a high seat and a cross beam for legs. Initially, the bar stool did not have a back and was round. But today, what forms and designs are not on the market!

Chair type
What type of wood are wooden chairs made from? The standard option is inexpensive species like pine or larch. True, chairs made of such wood do not differ in sophisticated design. Some species are not very suitable for furniture (for example, it is believed that aspen is “dead” wood). And there are expensive, valuable species, such as oak or mahogany. Such furniture, of course, will cost a pretty penny. But she looks gorgeous too! So a wooden chair is different for a wooden chair.

Thinking about what kind of chair you will have at home, do not try to buy something like that. The classic wooden chair, even after many centuries, has not lost its relevance.

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