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How to choose the type of cabinet

Choose the type of cabinet
Let’s decide on the formats: today there are two types of cabinets – a free-standing cabinet cabinet and a fully built-in wardrobe.

A free-standing or one-piece prefabricated cabinet type is distinguished by the fact that it can be installed anywhere in the room. This design is not tied to any room and, if necessary, can be moved to another place. The cabinet type is useful for several reasons:

· Unpretentiousness to the place of installation;

· Own rigidity allows to move a case from the room to the room or to transport to other place;

Freedom in the layout of the room.

The finished cabinet consists of side walls, bottom, doors and top cover. In this it differs from another type of cabinet – fully built-in. The latter is a combination of a piece of furniture and an element of interior architecture. Since the load-bearing elements of the room – floor, ceiling, niches – are in fact the cover and walls of the structure, we cannot move it to another room. In addition, a built-in wardrobe may not have a ceiling or bottom; it does not need these details. Built-in wardrobes perform a number of useful functions:

Use of useful volume of the room;

· Uniform registration of walls and sliding doors will make the room integral, finished;

“Adjustment” to the existing layout of the room

There is also a transitional view between the built-in and cabinet type of cabinet – semi-built-in. In the case when one of the side walls is made of a single piece of fabric, and the remaining parts are adjacent to the niches. As a rule, installation and assembly, adjustment of parts are completely carried out on site.

Cabinet configuration
Having decided on the type of cabinet, you can choose its configuration. And often the choice depends on the same layout of the room and its style direction. So, straight, linear cabinets can be installed along the wall, less often across the room. Corner cabinets-modules are widely used. For example, L-shaped structures follow the geometry of the walls and make good use of space. U-shaped cabinets are a variation that allows you to create your own zone due to the presence of corner and straight elements; they well emphasize the spaciousness of medium and large rooms. Cabinets with a radius finish, which have a rounded side panel of the facade or open shelves, also look impressive. They require special attention, and, accordingly, space.

Internal content
Filling cabinets is a separate item in the selection of the ideal option. Of course, the main reference point in the arrangement of sections and shelves is the functional purpose of the room in which the cabinet is located. So, in the hallway, it is advisable to provide at least two sections: for umbrellas, shoe care products, bags, and a department for clothes that needs hanger bars. In addition, it is important to find a place for shoes. The closet in the living room is designed to store light clothes, bed linen, household appliances, personal documents, photographs and many other little things. The bedroom will require from the closet a large number of shelves, drawers and baskets, as well as hangers for trousers and ties. Also in the sleeping complex it is useful to find a place for a vacuum cleaner and an ironing board.

In addition to the wardrobe, you can order individual items in the form of shelves extending from the wardrobe, or attach a chest of drawers so that it looks like one set and matches the interior design.

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