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Choosing a sofa in the living room

The sofa is a mandatory attribute of any living room. This piece of furniture makes the interior cozier and warmer. It is intended for the rest of the owners of the house and their guests, so they place it, as a rule, in the living room. Modern manufacturers offer a large selection of models of modern sofas that differ from each other in design, size, design features, colors. Four-seater sofas for the living room have proven themselves to be excellent. They are universal, that is, suitable for any interior, comfortable, functional and practical.


Types and models
In the modern furniture market, sofas for the living room from domestic and foreign manufacturers are presented in a wide range. They differ from each other:

● Shape and size;

● Design features;

● Design and overall design;

● Manufacturing material;

● Folding mechanism.

Optimal for installation in a luxurious living room of a spacious private house or a small city apartment would be a four-seater straight sofa, which, thanks to the presence of a transformable mechanism, easily turns into a full-fledged place for sleeping and relaxing for 2 people. When folded, it takes up very little space. It is installed, as a rule, along the wall, but can also be used for effective zoning of the interior space. The latter option will be most successful for large living rooms combined with a loggia or dining room, or for one-room studio apartments where you need to save every square meter.

An alternative to four-seater straight models can be corner or U-shaped sofas that will successfully fit into a classic, minimalist, and high-tech interior. They have a carefully thought-out design, the main element of which is a transforming mechanism. With its help, corner and U-shaped models, when unfolded, turn into full-fledged sleeping places for guests or owners of the house, and when folded, they successfully complement the interior, taking up very little free space in the room.

4 seater sofa

Design features
Modern sofas for the living room are significantly different from their predecessors. Their strengths include:

● Functionality and versatility;

● Durability and reliability;

● Aesthetic appearance;

● Long service life without loss of original operational properties.

All models have:

● internal frame, which for elite models is made of solid wood, and for their budget counterparts – from chipboard, plywood and other lumber;

● internal filling, which is used as foam rubber, a block of independent springs, polyurethane foam, synthetic winterizer and other modern material;

● leather or textile upholstery in different colours, both plain and printed.

It is up to you to decide which sofa for the living room to choose, modern manufacturers offer a large selection of models.

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