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Subtleties of choice: office furniture in LOFT style

Loft-style office furniture looks modern, stylish and very attractive. Such offices are not so common, but they make an incredibly bright impression.

The atmosphere is conducive to contact and immediately adjusts to the appropriate business mood. In such an office, you are irresistibly drawn to create, make big deals and openly express yourself and your thoughts.

What is loft style?
The loft style implies a certain reformation and reorganization of space. In simple words, this is when the former production premises (warehouse, factory, factory) after some time are used as residential or office space. High ceilings, spacious rooms, large windows and practically unfinished walls and floors, bricks, pipes and unfinished beams are the hallmarks of the style.

Loft office furniture at first had a certain touch of elitism. The paradox is the lack of decoration and deliberate negligence once required large investments. By the way, it is not necessary to occupy the former production premises. The characteristics of the loft boldly stepped into everyday life and now absolutely any space can look just as stylish.

loft style furniture

The main nuances of loft furniture
Combination of materials. The furnishings should combine “residential” features, and the quality of furniture for production. Metal, carelessly processed wood, rough boards, metal profiles – the main thing is not to overdo it and not make too many combinations. 2-3 elements are enough, it is not at all necessary to sit on rough-hewn chairs that threaten to fall apart in the next minute. For example, in the office of the head, you can put furniture made of artificially aged leather. This option looks very stylish.
Combination of elements. It’s not enough to buy loft-style furniture, you also need to arrange it correctly and arrange it into zones. For example, an antique chair can be correctly combined with a glass table or put a leather sofa next to an old chest of drawers. The graffiti on the wall goes well with the wooden rocking chair.
Choice of materials. It is better if it is a tree or a skillful imitation.

Furniture items should not clutter up the space, so you should choose elements that are simple in design. Loft-style modular furniture is rarely used, more often you can see individual designs that, in combination, form a common space.

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