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Z profile in HI-TECH interior.

These glossy surfaces, and a neat play with geometry and volumes. Fantastic podiums and sophisticated planes of multi-level ceilings, combined with comfortable minimalism and accentuated accuracy in the organization of space.
Hi-Tech combines the seemingly incongruous, minimalism and local artsy accents, plus completely different textures – and all this in perfect harmony, where the mind rests.

And as soon as you start thinking about such a style, you come across multiple buts. For example, how to do this, how to arrange storage elements, and more specifically, the facades of cabinets that are already going to be hidden in niches. Or how to assemble and fix decorative elements that zone the space.

z profile, kitchen

And in this question, the z profile is the most popular answer, due to the ease of assembly and the extensive range of colors, you can choose profile elements for almost any material used in high-tech room decoration. And, mentioned earlier, ease of assembly allows you to create almost any geometric figure from planes.

Thus, the z profile allows you to implement almost any design solutions. The only thing the designer will be limited to is the presence of connecting angles of the desired degree, this should be taken into account when developing planes and decorative surfaces. Otherwise, the z profile will provide a secure fixation of the selected material of the facade or plane. The main thing is to take into account the weight and duration of the elements, and calculate in advance the elements of the frame prepared from the z profile.

The very method of using the z profile is simple and accessible. Depending on the material of the facade or decorative element, you select the profile itself. The main parameters that you need to take into account are the weight of the structure and the material, it is also necessary to take into account the color scheme of the material and the z profile. The main tasks for the z profile in this situation are to provide geometry and rigidity.

Further, based on the specified design parameters (front part of the storage system or decorative element), the profile is cut. It is very important at this stage to observe all the specified dimensions and angles at the junctions of the profile.

After that, mounting holes are cut in the profile for attaching the mounting angles and attaching the profile to the surfaces of the ceiling or walls (in the event that a decorative element is being assembled). After that, the profile is attached to the surface, or elements of hinges, roller mechanisms are attached to the profile.

Further, the elements are fixed to each other by mounting angles. A sealant is placed in the grooves of the profile to fix the material, which in the future will create a plane.

And finally, the filler material itself is placed, it can be glass or plastic, a lot of other filler options are possible.

Most importantly, the z profile allows almost unlimited implementation of the most daring design ideas. Which makes it the most popular and in demand among designers, architects and builders working in such sophisticated design areas as Hi-Tech.

The material was prepared by the specialists of Mebel Land-M, Minsk, which has been manufacturing frame facades from z profiles for more than 14 years, as well as wholesale of components for furniture assembly.

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