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The better to decorate a kitchen apron: design options

The kitchen is one of the coziest places in our house. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the decoration of this room meets all our requirements – both practical and in terms of aesthetics.

The usual material for us in the place of cooking and serving food is, of course, ceramics. And this is by no means a no-brainer. After all, it has a number of positive properties.

This is strength, undemanding care, resistance to various kinds of influences. And one more of its positive qualities: a huge number of species of all colors and shapes. You can choose a suitable tile on the site

Ceramic products are applicable in any kind of design solutions. They can zone the room, highlight the working area, etc. For example, decorative tiles can beautifully cover the area above the sink or stove. For the rest of the kitchen, you should use a more modest design.

The feature of finishing the kitchen apron with ceramic tiles is as follows. Do not use material with a relief surface – the space between the seams will become clogged. At the same time, maintaining the cleanliness of such a tile is quite difficult. It is better to take a product with as smooth a surface as possible for such a cladding.

ceramic tile kitchen apron

The kitchen space can be diversified with mosaics. So you get the most original and colorful images that amaze with their quirkiness. Now your kitchen apron will fully resemble an artistic masterpiece.

Advantages of mosaic decor:
not afraid of moisture;
resistance to high temperatures;
ease of operation;
low susceptibility to wear;
aesthetic qualities of a very high level.
Of the minuses of this design can be called the complexity of the installation process and in some cases a high price. In all other respects, mosaic for kitchen decor is best suited.

Another good option for finishing the apron is glass. This material meets the requirements that must be met when facing the kitchen space.

Panels made of glass with an image placed on them are called skinali.

This finish guarantees:

greater strength of the product (using tempered glass, almost unbreakable);
durability, ease of use, care;
the coating has no seams, and, therefore, is more hygienic than other coatings;
appearance can be made completely unique. Modern manufacturing technologies of this product make it possible to place any picture on it, even your own photo.
This material is expensive, so it is not yet often used in everyday life. However, in terms of operation and appearance, its performance is one of the best.

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