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Cribs for newborns in the nursery

The most important item of all is, of course, the bed. You can’t do without a separate bed for a child, even if the mother is a supporter of co-sleeping with the baby. This is especially convenient for mothers who are breastfeeding.

The bed is first of all pledge of a healthy and sound sleep. And what is even more important for a young growing organism. At different ages, special requirements are made for beds that meet the needs and interests of the child.

Parents may have only one problem – limiting the budget for the implementation of the idea. So, let’s figure out how to choose a bed in a nursery for a child, and what, in principle, options exist.

Your baby is a newborn
It would seem how little a baby who has recently been born needs. But no, everyone is spinning around this crumb, trying to make his new life more comfortable. First of all, this concerns the issue of organizing a place for a child to sleep, which must be approached, taking into account a lot of nuances.

Wooden baby cribs
The beds that are chosen for newborns often serve them for sleeping until the age of 2-3 years. The standard option is a 120 x 60 cm rectangular crib made of solid wood. The sides of the crib are made of rods spaced about 8 centimeters apart. The bottom is either slatted or solid, made from a fragment of plywood. The mattress is most often not included in the package, and therefore, parents can independently choose whether to save on this pleasure or not.

Cribs of this format can be equipped with wheels, which make the crib mobile, or with a pendulum mechanism, which facilitates the process of rocking the child. As an option, the bed can be equipped with drawers for storing children’s things. The bottom has three levels of height fixation. Which is very convenient in different periods of growing up a newborn.

In the same format, a playpen bed is presented, which can be used not only for sleeping, but also for games in the future. The disadvantage of this option will be the presence of soft walls, which make it difficult for the baby to get up on his own. The bottom is not adjustable in this model. But you can not worry that when falling in the crib, the child will hurt something.

Recently, cribs that have a rounded shape have become very popular and their size can be changed with the help of additional segments. The advantages of this model are obvious. It takes up less space and with the gradual maturation of the child, you can simply increase the bed. This model looks very attractive in the interior. However, for her, parents will have to pay a cost several times higher than the cost of a regular crib.

For those who want the baby to always be supervised, manufacturers of children’s products offer a crib. Rocking a child with it will not be a problem, besides, it is easy to move it to any part of the house. The only thing worth mentioning is that such a sleeping place is enough only for the first months of life, when the child does not show physical activity. Later, such a place to sleep can become simply unsafe.

For those who do not have the opportunity and do not plan to convert a sleeping place for a child as they grow up, a modular bed is an excellent option. It is represented by a set of children’s furniture, which from birth serves as a crib with a changing table, and if necessary, can be transformed into a full-fledged bed of standard sizes for a single bed.

When choosing furniture for a children’s room, parents need to adhere to the basic requirement for baby beds – they must be safe for the child and comfortable for him to sleep. If the basic requirement is met, you can choose according to your personal preferences. Sound and healthy sleep of the child is the basis of peace in the family.

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