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Kitchen facades, types of materials

Kitchen facades form the appearance of the kitchen. The impression made by the kitchen consists of several components, this is the design of walls, ceilings, floors, these are window openings, door models and other trifles. Undoubtedly, the most important element of kitchen design is furniture.

The kitchen is a place in the house, on which the health and energy of a person largely depends. It has been proven that the more pleasant and positive emotions during a meal, the better the digestion process proceeds. Kitchen design, if it produces a pleasant effect on its inhabitants, will evoke positive emotions, which means it will affect the quality of life and human health. In addition, in such a kitchen it will be pleasant not only to eat, but also to cook and just be in this room.

Any kitchen furniture set consists of the following components:
modules (includes top, bottom cabinets, columns) consisting of a body (roofs, walls, bottoms) and a facade;
work surface in the form of a tabletop;
profiles and panels (top and bottom cornices, skirting boards, plinths, wall panels, mensols).
Any of the presented elements puts forward its own requirements for the quality of materials and is the determining factor in choosing the design and style of the kit.

Kitchen facades are what a person sees when looking at kitchen furniture. All front surfaces form the concept of “facade”.

Facades are divided according to the type of construct into:

By the arrangement of frame structures:

insert from a thin decorative board, plywood;
carrier frame.
What are frame structures made of?

In the manufacture of frame facades, a variety of materials are used, this gives freedom to furniture designers.

The main materials from which frame facades are made:

decorative glass;
natural wood;
decorative plastic;
Whole facades. Features of the structure, appearance
The main feature of solid facades is their uniformity. In other words, the presented type of facades is made of one material.

It should be noted that in the vast majority of cases, wood or MDF panels become this material.

The appearance of solid facades is as conservative and kitchen furniture. Their artistic and aesthetic addition proceeds through the use of various types of modern protective varnishes. Original shades of lacquer coatings and a special PVC film allow you to transform any headset model, making it more presentable and interesting.

frame z-profile facade

The secrets of choosing the right kitchen facade
The kitchen is a special place that cannot but differ from other rooms in the house. It is characterized by special conditions with high temperature and high levels of humidity. That is why all the paraphernalia located in the kitchen should correspond as much as possible to future operating conditions.

High humidity, sudden temperature changes, regular use of special equipment, frequent contact with fat – all these factors are inevitable companions of every kitchen room. Gradually, they destroy the material, and this happens much faster than furniture made of the same material in the bedroom or living room.

When choosing a kitchen facade for kitchen cladding, it is important to take into account the impact of the above adverse external factors and strive to select the highest quality facade materials. To make your choice fully justified, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

choose surfaces with increased resistance to moisture, hot vapors, temperature extremes;
give preference to materials that are neutral to the effects of fats, oils, acids;
remember that over time the facade should not deform and sag;
choose designs that show maximum resistance to mechanical stress, scratches.
Plastic facades
The modern market offers a wide range of facades, among which you can find plastic counterparts. These products are distinguished by a number of natural features. Among the main ones should be highlighted:

variety of colors;
high strength;
the ability to simulate different textures;
resistance to temperature changes.
It is impossible not to note the obvious disadvantages of such elements. The plastic component of such facades often comes “complete” with chipboard. And the latter, as you know, shows a high tendency to looseness and deformation. At the same time, there are more optimal solutions that allow you to remove the disadvantages of chipboard – this is the use of a Z profile in the manufacture of plastic facades, in this case the Z profile takes care of providing a rigid geometry. And the design feature of the Z profile allows you to achieve the most tight fit. At the moment, the Z profile is the most popular and optimal design solution for plastic facades.

Kitchen fronts made of solid wood
An array of natural wood is a reliable, durable, completely safe natural material. Of course, he could not but find his wide application in such premises as kitchens.

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