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Made in Belarus: wardrobes

Why is it better to choose a Belarusian wardrobe
Perhaps, it is difficult to find more versatile furniture for storing things than a wardrobe. Comfortable, compact and functional – they are still as popular as they were many years ago. Of course, fashion trends are changing – and a potential buyer is offered more and more diverse variations to create a unique wardrobe design.

But perfect design alone is no longer enough. Now, first of all, they pay attention to the quality of materials, fittings, storage accessories. And here the most important thing is not to make a mistake with the furniture manufacturer.Experienced Shkaf4u specialists recommend that those who are looking for high-quality and cheap sliding wardrobes in Minsk choose Belarusian companies. And there are objective reasons for this.

Possibility to order directly from the furniture manufacturer
If you choose between a Russian-made finished product and a custom-made wardrobe from a Belarusian company, then the second option has much more advantages. The most important thing is that you buy a model that will meet all your requirements and capabilities. Built-in, cabinet, corner cabinets with a different number of sections – even for a non-standard room, you can choose the optimal configuration. Furniture companies in Minsk with a good reputation offer a free service: designers come to the customer, who on the spot can recommend the most suitable design option for the future wardrobe, taking into account the architectural features of the room, take measurements. Then they develop a design project taking into account the wishes of the client regarding materials for the body and facade. The order is usually completed within 3-5 days, depending on the complexity of the model. Employees of this company also bring and install a ready-made wardrobe. And in the process of operation, you will be convinced that buying furniture made to order, taking into account the recommendations of professionals, is a more rational decision.

Confidence in the quality of materials
Even at the stage of concluding a contract, you can get acquainted with the materials used in the production of wardrobes, study the certificates. For example, in most Belarusian companies for the manufacture of the body, the front part, they use exclusively European quality chipboard – Kronopol (Poland) or Egger (Belgium). These are eco-friendly and high-strength materials that meet international standards and are even suitable for children’s furniture. Therefore, to place an order in a company from Minsk means not only to buy a comfortable sliding wardrobe, but also to take care of the health of your loved ones.

Excellent conditions for variations with design
Belarusian manufacturers have an impressive selection of materials for filling the facade. According to the experience of Shkaf4u employees, this opens up wide opportunities for each client to experiment with the design of the future wardrobe and find the most suitable solution for a particular interior. You can order traditional mirror doors or with a sandblasted pattern, glass doors of a certain color or with photo printing, decorated with leather or rhinestones, made of colored lakobel glossy glass or textured chipboard. A big plus is that all materials can be combined. Thanks to this, it is possible to create a unique wardrobe design without any problems, which will meet all the wishes of the customer.

Fair and transparent pricing
If you order a wardrobe from a Belarusian furniture company, you can see for yourself what factors make up its price. The final cost is affected by:

raw materials;
features of the chosen design (case, built-in, corner, semi-built-in);
materials for facade decoration (mirror, chipboard, lacobel, etc.);
sliding system (Senator, Komandor);
complete set of internal filling (standard or with additional accessories);
decorative elements (side shelves, lighting, etc.).
On the websites of reputable companies, potential customers are offered to assemble a future wardrobe with the help of a special service – a designer. You yourself select the configuration of the desired dimensions, indicate the number of sections, certain materials of the desired colors, elements for storing things. After filling in all the points, the total cost is automatically calculated.

Save money without sacrificing quality
Belarusian wardrobes are not only a guarantee of quality, but also a profitable purchase. After all, if you order furniture directly from the manufacturer, intermediaries and, accordingly, additional trade margins for the product are excluded from the chain. All work is carried out on the company’s own equipment, the staff of which is fully staffed by diverse specialists. All work is done on our own. Due to all these factors, the final cost of the wardrobe is reduced. Plus, many companies offer pleasant bonuses to their customers – they perform measurements, development of a design project, delivery and installation for free. You can save a lot if you choose standard filling for storing things – the basic package is already automatically included.

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