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The psychology of color and upholstered furniture

Each color is strongly associated in the human mind with specific natural phenomena or situations. Blue sky, green grass, yellow sun, white snow, scarlet glow of a fire… If this color is transferred to our home, persistent associations can improve or worsen mood and even well-being.

Usually we feel it intuitively and, needing certain emotions, dreaming of peace, energy or creative nourishment, we are drawn to the desired color: we buy clothes, household items. But the interior design, the purchase of a kitchen interior or upholstered furniture, which can be made in almost any color scheme, can have a much greater impact.

And yet it is better to know what effect this or that color can have, so as not to make a mistake in choosing upholstered furniture and not regret the purchase.

Neutral colors
Neutral – colors that are combined with everything else, and therefore do not go out of fashion, they are also called basic. It is white, black, gray, sometimes brown is included in their company.

white interior color

“Champion” in creating successful combinations, a symbol of purity and freshness, renewal, elegance and health. There is an opinion that white is able to push for a decision that has been put off for a long time, mentally getting rid of everything superfluous.

A large amount of white makes the room brighter and more spacious. But, in order to avoid resemblance to an operating room, bright accents are added to an overly white room or “diluted” with a partner color. Furniture makers use many shades of white, from cold snow white to warm milky, each of which gives a slightly different impression. Warm ones relax, cool ones “cleanse” and inspire.

Sofas in white leather or textiles are great, but very impractical. If there are children or pets in the house, it will be very difficult to keep its virgin cleanliness.

black sofa in the interior

This luxurious color is also perfectly combined with others, but, on the contrary, it is able to reduce the room, so it is not recommended to use it in dark, poorly lit rooms, and carefully dose it in light rooms. In large quantities and on mentally unbalanced, melancholic people, it acts depressingly, but in the form of accents and individual objects it will add more sophistication to the room, emphasize style and architectural solutions. Black is associated with power and high social status, it can add self-confidence. He is also sexy and self-sufficient.

A black leather sofa is a versatile and practical classic, but it also has an office feel that should also be taken into account. However, the practicality of black is rather relative, because, like on white, any dirt and the slightest dust are visible on it.

gray sofa in the interior

It is often and unfairly referred to as boring and inexpressive colors, but as a background, gray has no equal. It relieves tension, soothes, sets in a peaceful mood, gives a feeling of reliability. In high doses, it can make you feel bored, but a gray sofa or chair will always look elegant.

brown sofa

The color of the earth and wood helps to calm down, “find the ground under your feet.” This is one of the coziest and favorite shades of furniture, which is why some consider it “petty-bourgeois” and boring. Brown has a huge number of shades, but they all create a feeling of comfort, calmness and stability. It is recommended for those who find it difficult to cope with emotions and throwing themselves, people who have doubts, fickle, tired of too active life.

red sofa

Energetic, passionate and a bit aggressive, red is able to support in difficult moments when a person has to go ahead, resist an opponent or circumstances. It invigorates, motivates, activates the work of the mind and all the senses, including – increases sexuality. An excess of red is tiring and does not allow you to relax, but one red sofa or armchair in a room of neutral colors will not go unnoticed by guests!

orange sofa

The bright orange color is full of joyful energy and generously gives it to those around you. It awakens the appetite, inspires, uplifts the mood. Too much orange will quickly get boring, but a moderate amount will serve as a good “tonic”. You should not use it for the kitchen if there are problems with weight, but for the living room and nursery this is what you need.

yellow interior

The color of the sun will warm and wake you up from hibernation, cheer you up and even help you cope with depression. Recommended for children’s room, as well as for people who are prone to unreasonable sadness and melancholy, in order to more easily cope with them and keep themselves in good shape. A bright yellow sofa will become a true friend in any of the rooms, except perhaps the bedroom.

Cyan and blue
blue leather sofa

The cool colors of the sky and the sea soothe and “cool”. Looking at the sky, we forget about the problems, understand their insignificance and return the ability to reason soberly and sensibly. Blue in the interior gives the same feeling.

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