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Choosing a Comfortable Mattress

Looking for a quality mattress for a comfortable stay? We offer an overview of popular brands. By comparing products from different manufacturers, you can choose the best option.

TOP-5 criteria when choosing a mattress
It is unlikely that you will be able to buy a comfortable mattress if you do not follow the advice of experts and do not take into account important criteria. Checking each item will take a minimum of time, but it will help you avoid mistakes and subsequently enjoy a sweet dream.

TOP 5 points to pay attention to:

type of materials – the level of elasticity of the mattress and the degree of comfort of the one who rests on it depends on the filling. Latex, coconut fiber, polyester, felt, absence or presence of springs – specify the information, be interested in the composition;
the quality of the components – make sure that the product does not emit a persistent chemical smell, it indicates the use of low-quality glue in the production process, which can be harmful to health;
the presence of an orthopedic base – if it is stated that the mattress is orthopedic, be sure to check the filling, this is easy to do using a viewing zipper. If felt or coconut is replaced with foam rubber or the number of turns in the springs is reduced, you can forget about the correction or restoration of the musculoskeletal system;
the presence of a quality certificate – the document indicates that you have a safe product and there will be no problems during operation;
consumer reviews are one of the best ways to make sure the quality of the goods, ask for the opinion of people who have already used it. On the Internet, you can easily find consumer reviews about a particular product, do not neglect this opportunity.
mattress for children
Brief overview of popular brands
In Russia, the products of several manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses are in the greatest demand – Ascona, Dreamline, Concord. We offer a brief overview of the characteristics of branded products.

Large Russian manufacturer. The distribution network includes classic spring mattresses, models with independent spring blocks, springless mattresses with eco-friendly stuffing, children’s and orthopedic models for medical purposes. The products are quite soft and elastic, well breathable and quite comfortable.

dream line
Manufacturer of furniture and orthopedic mattresses at an affordable price. There are lines for economical buyers on classic springs (Bonnel), blocks of independent springs (Balance), hard springless mattresses made of coconut fiber and latex (Springless), budget models with one working side (Single), a line with Memorix material that remembers the shape of the body (Memory).

The Ural manufacturer of mattresses Concord is one of the leaders in sales in Russia. Orthopedic models are developed with the direct participation of medical practitioners, which allows taking into account the characteristics of the human body, correcting posture as efficiently as possible and ensuring comfortable rest. Concord mattresses are produced in different widths, heights and shapes. Natural latex from rubber tree sap, environmentally friendly filler from coconut coir are used as filling. The company’s designers have developed a universal spring system that supports the spine, regardless of the body weight of a sleeping person.

Which brand to give preference to, decide for yourself …

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