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Sofas for the living room: how to choose the right model for a suitable design

It is this upholstered furniture that sets the concept of arranging the interior of the living room, allowing the most rational use of the usable area of ​​​​such a room in the house.

sofa for living room

Types of sofas
When choosing a sofa for a living room, you should pay attention to its design features, which are best suited to the specific layout of the living room and the interior chosen for it. In furniture stores you can find different types of sofas:

straight lines, which are installed near the wall in the center. A straight compact sofa can be folded out and serve as a bed at night. Upholstered furniture of this type is inexpensive and is great for arranging small rooms;
corner, designed for optimal use of usable space in a large living room. They can be folding and not folding and, if necessary, become a sleeping place. They cost more and require more space for installation;
models with an ottoman, designed to organize a recreation area. The ottoman expands the functionality of the sofa, performing, if necessary, the functions of an additional seat, a coffee table or a designer chest for storing things;
modular designs that allow you to change the living room space as needed. Such sofas consist of a large number of movable elements that allow you to create a suitable configuration of the seating area. Modular designs are usually used to equip large rooms. They can be installed along the wall, in the corner or in the center. Such upholstered furniture is more expensive than conventional designs, as it has advanced functionality;
island models are used to equip a recreation area in the central part of the living room.
The choice of sofa design depends on the total area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe living room and its layout. The optimally selected form of such upholstered furniture allows rational use of the useful area of ​​the room and ensures the selection of the optimal functionality of the sofas.

sofa for living room

Main mechanisms of transformation
Most of the sofas installed in the living room can be converted into sleeping places thanks to various folding mechanisms. On this basis, sofas are divided into the following types:

The design of the folding accordion mechanism. This is the most popular sofa transformation model, which is supplied by sofas of different price categories. Due to the reliability, durability and ease of use, sofas of this type are widely used. The bed in such upholstered furniture consists of three segments, which, when folded, act as a seat and backrest. The sleeping area of ​​the sofa is designed for heavy loads and has a large area;

Withdrawable models are versatile, durable and easy to use. Their sleeping unit is hidden under the main seat. To convert the sofa into a bed, you just need to pull it by the handle and lower the back to form a bed. Such sofas can be straight or angular;

The dolphin design is universal due to its angular shape. It is perfect for furnishing small-sized living rooms and for large rooms. The sleeping block is located under the main seat and is easily extended when unfolding. A place to sleep is formed by unfolding a soft seat shaped like a book.

Sofa book. This is the simplest and most inexpensive type of transformation of upholstered furniture into a bed, when it is simply unfolded by simply lifting up the upholstered seat, after which the backrest falls down, forming a place to sleep. The disadvantage of such a sofa is the need to constantly move it away from the wall when unfolding. The advantages include compactness, ease of use and affordable price;

Eurobook easily transforms into a bed and has a long service life. It has a place to store bedding, and the sleeping surface is large and flat. To unfold this design, you need to pull the soft seat towards you and lower the back into the resulting space. This type of sofa is suitable for installation in the middle of the living room or against the wall;

The click-clack design is similar to a sofa book, but more perfect and reliable. Its backrest can be adjusted, allowing you to not only sit but also recline comfortably during daytime lounging. The armrests of the sofa can be transformed into comfortable headrests. When assembled, it does not take up much space and is suitable for furnishing small living rooms;

Puma is distinguished by originality, strength and simplicity of the unfolding mechanism. This sofa is suitable for daily unfolding. Its front part easily rises and moves forward, and the soft back is lowered down. When assembled, it has a compact design, which allows it to be used in small living rooms.

How to choose a sofa
When choosing the type of sofa, you should take into account the overall layout of the living room and the functional purpose of such upholstered furniture. If you plan to transform it into a bed every evening, then it is best to give preference to durable folding ones.

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