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Small bedroom: interior design rules

To sleep well in the bedroom, it is recommended to use blurry watercolor tones. With such an interior, the room will smoothly “pulsate” and set you up for relaxation. For optimistic notes, you can add bright colors, but they should not be an acid spectrum. Consider specific options for combining dark, cold and monochrome tones.

You can decorate the bedroom interior in the traditional style of a French or Icelandic village.In such a mysterious design, literally foggy walls play a huge role. For the effect of haze, a steel shade with a slight violet bias is used. It should also be present on bed linen and curtains. Minimalistic furniture is best purchased in beige tones, and additional decorative elements in white. It will turn out a cool, but quite fresh interior.

small white bedroom

In order for the room to be filled with warmth and light, the main part of the bedroom interior should be in bright colors, while white shades will create a competent balance. Cover the walls with striped wallpaper in coral-brick and monotone stripes. Make sure that these colors are intertwined with pillows on the sofa, a blanket, an armchair, curtains.

A bold accent for the bedroom will be fuchsia (a kind of pink). This color goes well with a hint of coffee and champagne. In this design, minimalism is combined with comfort: a large-scale bed occupies the main part of the room and has a thick soft feather bed. But accessories should be miniature: pillows, a table by the bed, elegant lamps. Pictures here can be hung without frames so that massive wood and excess gold do not spoil the overall concept, and the room does not seem boring.

There is an opinion that small bedrooms always become cluttered, but these days it is easy to hide personal items from prying eyes and even with 12 square meters find a place for workspace.

Many small rooms are decorated in a masculine style, which, however, will suit ladies who appreciate conciseness. It will be a designer bedroom, in which there are no unnecessary trinkets, and all things are practical. The room is dominated by smooth materials in shades of milky coffee, which makes cleaning easier. The bed is a window sill and a miniature wardrobe that flows into a bookshelf ending in a desk. Any surface is cut down as much as possible, has no corners and extra handles.

In small bedrooms, you can use the area near the window niche. So that the bookshelves do not take up extra space, choose those options that go deep into the window. Below you can place several chests of drawers and arrange a sofa on the windowsill, under which there will also be drawers. For additional space and the presence of elements of festivity, you can make an arch. This design requires blue-green shades with brown and plum notes. An important accessory is a glass table with a double bottom, where you can store books and magazines.

sofa on the windowsill

A small bedroom can combine the functions of a library. In this case, it is very important to choose a bookcase, the width of which is not much larger than the book bindings. It is better to choose corner models to accommodate the cabinet even in the smallest rooms. Household trifles can be laid out in wicker baskets. To preserve the concept, the wicker texture should be repeated in window roller shutters. Softness and comfort will be added by large pillows and a fluffy skin.

The interior of a small bedroom requires compact furniture, which, preferably, does not have legs. It is worth abandoning unnecessary accessories in favor of zoning elements that will allow you to divide the bedroom into different areas. All extra household items can be stored in the living room.

If you do not strive for a visual expansion of space, but like maximum comfort, get long curtains. Together with wide plaids and soft carpets on the floor, they will create a soft frame that closes the room.

Thick curtains are an effective way of zoning rooms if you need to separate the sleeping area from the work area. Above the bookcase and desk, install a thin rectangular frame and fasten a long curtain. Even if part of the room is not cleaned, you can receive guests and sleep yourself “with a clear conscience.”

If you are a supporter of classic interiors, divide the room with a screen that will hide a coat rack with clothes or a mirror dressing table from prying eyes. With such a trick, you get a place for privacy, and on one side of the screen you can place various little things.

If a small bedroom is set up in Khrushchev, be sure to pay attention to the mirrored wardrobe. It has a minimum width and no sharp protrusions. With such compact furniture, the room will seem several times larger, and the presence of a mirror will help save on bulky dressing tables.

If the ceilings in the room are low, discard hanging ceiling lights that add unnecessary pathos.

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