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Everything you need to know about modern sofas

A sofa is a piece of furniture that contributes to the creation of home comfort. It will fit in any interior. Its history goes back several hundred years and today it is a prominent representative of modern upholstered furniture. Install a sofa, as a rule, in the living room. But classic leather models can be found in receptions, beauty salons, cinema lobbies and other public places.

On the modern furniture market there is a huge number of their options, which differ from each other in design, purpose, size and method of transformation. Studying the features of the main models will allow you to make the right choice and buy the sofa of your dreams.

white sofa

Types and features
All models of sofas on the modern market according to the type of their design can be divided into straight, angular and U-shaped. As for the methods of their transformation, all commercially available options on this basis can be divided into the following groups:

“Book” – these models consist of two parts – horizontal and vertical. Their main advantage is that they can be easily folded and unfolded, turning into a full-fledged sleeping place.
“click-clack” – the same “book”, but its movable part is fixed, not in 2, but in 3 positions, its armrests are also transformed.
“accordion” is one of the most compact variants of transformable upholstered furniture, consisting of 3 parts, where part of it serves as a seat, and the other 2 fold to form a back.
“Dolphin” – are laid out by extending an additional block located under the seat.
“telescope” – laid out like a telescope by extending and stretching the components.
“French cot” – the principle of unfolding this model is the same as that of an unfolding scroll.
Stylish and modern sofas with different transformation mechanisms are available in the Hermes-Furniture online store. You can learn more about the available assortment on the website, where there is a detailed description for each model.

sofa from Hermes furniture

Basic selection rules
As mentioned above, sofas will be appropriate in any room. Therefore, all models presented on the modern furniture market are usually divided into sofas:

For living rooms;
For kitchens;
For hallways;
For children’s rooms;
For offices;
For public spaces, etc.
They differ from each other, not only in size, shape and transformation mechanism, but also in decorative trim. There are both leather and fabric models, made in rich colors with a luxurious texture and exquisite print. A large selection of sofas allows the consumer to choose exactly the model that will organically fit into his home interior.

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