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Facade panels and stained-glass windows

Victoria’s kitchen furniture reflects the graceful styles and antique luster, allowing it to have the quality look of an expensive handmade product. This is emphasized by the elegance of lines, the harmony of decorative columns. The facade colonnade looks like an ancient miniature.

To decorate the facade tiles, milling resembling flower petals was used. The original pigtail and ornament were used to decorate the frames of open cabinets. The facades of the Victoria kitchen are distinguished by thoughtfully stylistics and stained-glass windows with a laconic geometric layout. They bring a special charm to the design of facades, which can be:

straight with a solid plate;
decorated under glass;
using miniature columns and graceful lattices;
filled with stained glass;
framed with a column for an open cabinet.
kitchen facades
Production material: array
Making a kitchen from an array makes the kitchen very beautiful and respectable. The nobility of wood is set off by the natural texture, which is tinted under golden walnut. At the same time, a technology is used that allows artificially very quickly to age the material, and to give the furniture the look of an antique product. Thanks to this approach, the furniture looks like an old thing with a great history.

The array consists of bars of solid natural wood, assembled into a single shield. First of all, the wood is dried very carefully and efficiently. Subsequently, processing is carried out with special components that preserve the wood from the influence of the external environment. Then it is very carefully treated with a special impregnation, antiseptic. Then there is a multi-layer coating of varnish. All these activities allow you to make a kitchen that calmly tolerates humidity, high temperatures. Furniture remains beautiful and durable for decades to come. The array gives the product an aristocracy, it is reliable and practical.

kitchen facades

Veneer facades
Veneer is the thinnest cut of wood used to cover facades made of chipboard or MDF. In the future, it is processed, necessarily varnished, and as a result, a durable and beautiful surface is obtained, which has an exact resemblance to wood.

Veneered facades differ from glossy facades in their price. However, this is due to the use of high-quality, aesthetic and natural material. Its texture, the ability to paint in any color open up huge opportunities for designers to create a variety of combinations. When the veneer goes through the aging technology, outwardly it is not so easy to distinguish it from an array. It also looks noble, but is much cheaper. You can learn more about facades here https://kuznets.ru/ Facades made of veneer are durable, beautiful, and very easy to care for.

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